Aims and Scope

The scope of the journal includes:

  • Nonlinear dynamics and control
  • Complexity and self-organization
  • Control of oscillations
  • Control of chaos and bifurcations
  • Control in thermodynamics
  • Control of flows and turbulence
  • Information Physics
  • Cyber-physical systems
  • Modeling and identification of physical systems
  • Quantum information and control
  • Analysis and control of complex networks
  • Synchronization of systems and networks
  • Control of mechanical and micromechanical systems
  • Dynamics and control of plasma, beams, lasers, nanostructures
  • Applications of cybernetic methods in chemistry, biology, other natural sciences

The papers in cybernetics with physical flavor as well as the papers in physics with cybernetic flavor are welcome. Cybernetics is assumed to include, in addition to control, such areas as estimation, filtering, optimization, identification, information theory, pattern recognition and other related areas.

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